We celebrate the great people of Mauritania

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Yesterday (28th November, 2015) was the 55th Independence of the great nation Mauritania.

Happy Independence Mauritania

So our post is dedicated to this great nation this week. Sit back and lets explore this beautiful nation….

Mauritania is located in the North West of Africa like Morocco (remember we celebrated Morocco last week), it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Western Sahara (by the west), Senegal (by the South), Mali (by the East) and Algeria (by the North)

Map of Africa (Mauritania)




A population of 3.97 million people and about 99% of these are muslims. Arabic is the main language spoken by its citizens, other languages spoken are Wolof,  Soninke and French.

Some of its popular meals are thieboudienne ( a mixture of fish, sweet potato, red sauce, chopped pepper and any other vegetables), Yasa Poulet: a fancy chicken dish (senegalese influence) and CousCous ( Moroccan influence) and it’s mint tea  is served in a very unique way.


thieboudienne meal (Mauritania)                                                                                   Thieboudienne meal


Mauritania & mint tea

                                                                          Mauritania women and its unique tea.



A large proportion of its workforce are in the Agricultural sector (fishing, farming and livestock). In 2007, Oil was found in the city of Chinguetti. According to world bank, it’s GDP in 2014 was $5.061 billion and per capital income of $1270. The country has deposits of iron oil which represents a large portion of its exports.


Interesting Places to visit

Nouakchott is the capital of Mauritania and one of the largest fishing zones in the world. Most of the country’s major companies are found here. It is a good place to experience the Mauritanian culture.

Parc National du Banc d’Arguin is the national park of Mauritania and is popular among bird enthusiasts because of the variety of birds found in it; pelicans, terns, flamingos, and broad-billed sand pipers. It is located  between Nouakchott and Nouadhibou.

Ben Amara

This is the second largest monolith(single solid upright block of stone) It’s the 400-meter-tall black granite located  near the border of the Western Sahara.


Mauritania beach


Nouakchott city

Nouakchott city



ben-amera Mauritania

Ben Amera



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We celebrate Morocco; 59 and growing!!

Beautiful new week,

Last Wednesday (18th November, 2015) the beautiful people of Morocco celebrated their 59th Independence from the French colony.

Happy Independence Morocco

This week’s post is dedicated to celebrating this beautiful North African country!!! So lets explore Morocoo!!!


One of its popular cities:

Casablanca is the country’s largest city and  the largest city in the Maghreb region of Africa. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean and is the largest port in North Africa. It is an important industrial city and a great place to visit, thanks to its unique architecture and  shopping experience!!!


Cassablanca Morocco


Special Delicacy:

Couscous: Also known as “Seksu”  is a wheat pasta steamed over stew of meat and vegetable. It is usually served  garnished with a sweet raisin preserve, or with a bowl of buttermilk.

Moroccan dish - Couscous



It is amongst the top ten richest African countries based on GDP. Also, the third largest producer of phosphate after United States and China. Its labour force is primarily in the service sector, agriculture and industries. Its currency Dirham is strong at $1 – 9.97 Dirham.

Moroccan money




The political system of Morocco is parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The country has a king and a prime minister who is elected. Currently, it is ruled by King Mohammed VI and Abdelilah Benkirane (the prime minister). The king has the power to appoint and remove a prime minister.

Mohammed VI of Morocco Abdelilah (Prime Minister Morroco)



Morocco is a great example of how people of all different backgrounds and ideologies can live in harmony. It consists of Arabs, Berbers, and Jews, the South hosts  British, French, and American expatriates working for the government as teachers, technicians, and business managers.

So if you have the opportunity to visit Morocco, make sure you grab it!!


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Its almost the best time of the year… Christmas Ideas

Hello there!!

Its almost Christmas… less than 40 days and its here!!!

This is the time to think and plan for the gifts to be presented. Many times we focus on receiving but its time to give!! Remember Christ was given to us this season.

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Emmanuella in pink apron 3




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#ColourMyAfrica features Dayo

Hello there, it’s November already!!Happy new month!!! The B&G team wishes you a BELLE &  GRACEFUL November!!!

Belle & Graceful November

This week we feature a young gentleman Dayo


Let’s meet you

Its a delight to be featured, I tend to talk too much but I will try to keep my cool here. I am a Computer Scientist, fashion freak, music slave and an art. I am consistently weird and unpredictable. I love selfless, hard and smart-working fellows, good success and have a strong opinion to see that everyone gets a good share of life. I love charity, hence the industry where I currently work in.

What makes you a proud African?

I am proud of Africa because of her Spirit of hope and high level of optimism. Africa is an amazing talents reservoir and I have a deep conviction that she will reach into her arsenal of talents to make the entire world a redefined place and create a new, stronger and positively growing Africa. She has so great an influence yet untapped. I am as proud of Africa just as I am of my dentition, a consistent and fearless reason to smile. Africa is Royal.

What is your best African brand?

gtbank logo

It is GTBank because of their architectural signature, transparency, integrity, poise, innovative strength and the cover being their business model. It is an amazing brand that has grown really strong over the years with a high level of reputability, listening ears and a doing heart, the very ingredient of marriage hence my marriage with GTBank.

Who is your most respected African business leader?

Tayo Adenirokun of GTB

Its the late Olutayo Aderinokun following his banking lifestyle and how the business model/focus brought about a revolution in the banking industry. I know he is late and maybe I will respect some other person later but for now, he remains my most respected African business leader. I can’t write too much about him but it is obvious that his business excellence lives on from the cradle of the bank.

 Describe your desired Africa in 10 years?

Africa being the house on a hill into which all nations flow, where people of the world will be taught the modus operandi of strategic business models that works and where nothing is missing, lacking or broken . An Africa where positive influence becomes the core of her citizens from cradle to grey. An Africa where mediocrity becomes a taboo and the most desirable continent.

How would you colour Africa? 

This is the point where I want to colour Africa using many colours ***stands up, goes to the stationery shelf, picks and mixes colour*** ***clears throat***.

ColourMyAfrica map (Purple&White)

So I would like to colour Africa using Purple for her Royalty and White for an Africa free of imperfection, the desire of nations. I’m sorry if I didn’t use as many colours as you expected.

What is/are your best B&G product(s)?

It’s the pocket square….. an amazing piece with a smart packaging. Trust me, it’s one B&G product you would wear with compliments following. It’s like preaching the word with signs and wonders following.

DSC_7541 copy

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