Giving back.. BeyondaDegree 2.0

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Over the weekend, Belle & Grace was part of a programme organised by its creative director and her friends; “BeyondaDegree”.




The awesome facilitators


Our creative director rocking our neckpiece as she speaks on Entrepreneurship


What is BeyondaDegree?

It is an initiative targeted to prepare UNILAG Economics students in 300 & 400 for life after school. It’s aim is to give the students a clearer picture of the career options available to them and assist them in harnessing the opportunities.



The students and facilitators @ BeyondaDegree 2.0


How is the programme structured?

BeyondaDegree brings past graduates of the department (Economics, Unilag) from different sectors to share their career experience. This year there were alumni from the following sectors; Audit, Banking, Fast Consumer Moving Goods (Research), Oil & Gas  and Public Service. It also featured a Human Resource manager who enlightened the students on the recruitment process and challenges.

IMG_2412 IMG_2413


How often is it held?

The event is held once in a year, however we communicate with the students through the year. The team sends job opportunities to the students regularly.


Belle & Grace is pleased to be a part of BeyondaDegree!!!




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B&G is on Konga!!!

Beautiful evening and awesome new week!!

We hope you are doing great?

For days, weeks and months we thought about being on the Konga platform but did not ACT on it until a good friend pushed us to ACT.

YES we are excited to be on the Konga platform!!!!



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B&G launches our African Robes with Tundun Taiwo

Beautiful weekend to you!!

It’s been a truly beautiful one for us as we launched our B&G African Robes!!!

This week we feature a beautiful and talented lady, Tundun Taiwo

 FFX_5299 FFX_5325 FFX_5271FFX_5344

Let’s meet you

I am Tundun Taiwo, a God chaser, a lawyer and the founder of Business Impresa.

Tell us about Business Impressa

Business Impresa is a business support platform to help turn your ideas to reality. We will provide all the necessary and critical tools to turn your dream to reality. Whether new or existing business we will provide you all the necessary support services and allow you to focus on your core business.

It is also a platform to help young professional make informed career choice and tackle professional challenges in a formative and productive manner; it will  inspire, empower and equip young people with innovation and strength to soar beyond their imagination

What makes you a proud African?

The strength of its people. Africans are resilient people

How would you colour Africa? 

ColourMyAfrica map(Green&White)

Green representing growth and white representing purity (Africa without corruption)

What is your best African brand/ business and why?

Business Impressa (big smile) 

Describe your desired Africa in 10 years?

I look forward to an Africa where the economy is stable, the rate of unemployment has drastically dropped, an environment that is suitable for start ups to excel and insecurity is a thing of the past!

What is your best B&G product?

The beautiful African Robe

FFX_5419 FFX_5424FFX_5350 FFX_5383

Check our new B&G robes:

We are taking orders!!!

Have a Sweet September.

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#ColourMyAfrica is proudly powered by Belle&Grace

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