Our Creative Director writes “My Beautiful East Africa”

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This week we feature an article written by our creative director “My Beautiful East Africa”

The beautiful East African region comprises the unique countries of Burundi, Comoros Island, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Southern Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

Let’s explore this beautiful E.A.S.T African region together:

FFX_0227FFX_0240 FFX_0239

E – Economic

A – Ambience

S – Social

T – Technology


Our East African countries grew at an estimated average real GDP of 5.36% in 2014, significantly higher than the global average of 3.3%. What’s more, the region is projected to grow at 5.4% in 2015, a clear testament of its economic potentials.

Ethiopia saw double digit growth rate of 10.3% in 2014 and is ranked one of the 5 fastest growing economies in the world. The region’s revenue is generated from agriculture, wholesale and retail trade, tourism and manufacturing amongst others.


East Africa is a beautiful region with breath taking mountains and lakes; it has the two tallest peak mountains in Africa: Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. Also, the region hosts the world’s second largest freshwater lake (Victoria), and the world’s second deepest lake (Tanganyika).

The presence of islands like Zanzibar and Seychelles adds to its tourism potentials; and, with the exotic range of wild animals, the region is simply irresistible to anyone serious about tourism.

Did I forget to mention that the temperature in the region is perfect and usually ranges between 15°c to 29°c? I totally recommend East African cities for holiday trips!!




There are many social and cultural activities in this region as well as theatrical spots including animal/marine parks, museums, art galleries, musical concerts, and other performing arts.

A wide range of delicacies can be eaten in East Africa from Ugali, a popular starchy dish which can be eaten with vegetables, to Cambuulo, which is made from Azuki beans and can take up to 5 hours to prepare! The more western folks might like Kuku Paka which is a delicious blend of chicken coconut curry served with rice.

Swahili is the most common language in this region and may soon become the official language of the East African Community (EAC). English is widely spoken around the region and French is used in some countries.

Kuku Paka dish

                                                                       Kuku Paka dish



Like no other region in Africa, the Eastern countries are leveraging technology to grow. Nairobi was recently announced the “smartest” city in Africa and Rwanda is gearing up to produce the next city.

Almost 74 percent of Kenyans now have mobile phones and the mobile penetration rate in Rwanda is now 73 percent. Mobile phones are not just used for calls; they are also used for making payments. In Kenya and Tanzania, for example, over 60 percent of the population engages in some form of mobile payments to acquire goods and services.

East Africa is described as a hi-tech region with many emerging technology hubs from iHub in Nairobi to Hiveco Lab in Uganda and kLab in Rwanda to many others.

Mobile money usage in East Africa

If you ever have to make a tourism decision in Africa, you definitely want to consider this region as part of your options

Hope you enjoyed the read? Please share your best part of my our beautiful East Africa and your experience too, with pictures.

I had the opportunity to visit Nairobi, Kenya last year and had a pleasant experience!!  You can read articles on my visit to Nairobi:



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#ColourMyAfrica features Emmanuella

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This week we feature a wonderful young lady.
Emmanuela in pink apronEmmanuella in pink apron 3
Let’s meet you
I am Emmanuella Uuijiatalor. I love cooking, baking, meeting people and  listening to music. I am extrinsic in nature. I am working towards building a career in Culinary Art (Chef). Most importantly i love God.
What makes you a proud African?   
The richness of our culture. I value our vast natural resources and the strength we exhibit as Africans. In times of difficulties we still find a way to live and survive against all odds. 
What is your favorite city in Africa?
Harare, which is the capital of Zimbabwe. I had always wanted to travel to zimbabwe not minding their state of political and economic crisis. I always wanted to visit this beautiful city and their resort centres like The Lion and Cheetah Park, Thetford Game Reserve Harare. I watched a movie some years back that portrayed their culture and it showcased the beauty and richness of Zimbabwean culture. 
Zimbabwe wild life
Who is my African Icon and why?
 Hmmm, a difficult choice to make. As a graduate from the school of Human resource, Languages precisely, i fell in love with a few writers. Amongst them is an outstanding writer of our time whose works speaks for her anywhere in the world, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
I admire her smart and flawless work of Literature. I describe her as one who thinks before she writes.
Describe my Africa in 10 years
 A more safe, clean and serene environment with our natural resources intact and properly utilized, A place to still call home with a more stable economy
How would you colour Africa and what do the colours represent? 
 I would colour my Africa Green, White and Yellow.
Green which represents nature, freshness, fertility and growth.
White, is associated with purity, cleanliness, safety and light.
Yellow is associated with joy, happiness and energy.
ColourMyAfrica (Green, White & Gold)
Which B&G product(s) do you like the most & what makes it/ them unique?
For some amazing reasons I love the Aprons! I am proud of who I am and where I am from and what is associated with my culture. I think it is a great idea to have something from one of our famous materials in Africa “ankara”, with colours and big pocket (i love the pocket area the most). It is different from the conventional aprons we see around. It adds beauty and makes cooking more fun too.

Thank you.

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ColourMyAfrica features Demi!!

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ColourMyAfrica is back as we feature a graceful and virtuous lady!!!

 Demi4 Demi2 Demi1


We love how she rocks our neckpiece, it was inspired by the beautiful people of Ghana

Let’s meet you 

I am Demilade Aremu and I am enthusiastic about life (smiling )I love working with my hands; I bake amazing cakes and make handmade package boxes. I enjoy learning and I enjoy it well with the right people.

I am presently building a career in Human Resource Management and I am a God lover and also a passionate worshipper of God.

What makes you a proud African?

The first is definitely the colour of our skin Hmm… (I am in love).

Our humor. We are very happy people.  We can laugh about almost anything.

Our vast natural resources. God is definitely African! (lol!)

What is your favourite city in Africa (you may not have visited it yet)

Hmm, I have heard a lot about Windhoek (Namibia) and I’ll love to go there and Cape Coast (Ghana) because of its tourist attractions and serenity.

windhoek (lights)CapeCoast Ghana

Windhoek                                                                CapeCoast

Who is your African Icon?

Nelson Mandela for his courage and will against all odds.

Madiba!! Mandiba2


Describe your Africa in 10 years. 

My Africa in 10 years will be a place that is effectively harnessing and utilizing its resources and potentials.


How would you colour Africa and what do(es) the colour(s) represent?

I would colour Africa Green, Yellow, Red…..

ColourMyAfrica Map (Demi)

Green for Fruitfulness

Red for power and Strength

Yellow: Happiness and Joy

Can I colour more…?(Smile) Brown- A rich, strong and blessed soil.


Which B&G products do you like the most and what makes it/them unique?

Whoop Whoop! I love the pocket squares. They add a unique blend to the corporate outfit. I also love B&G’s packages! Excellently made!

photo 2-1 photo 1-1 photo 5-1



Thank you.

We will still feature the other African aspect of our creative director’s wedding, later this month. Watch out!!

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Belle&Grace beautified its Creative Director’s wedding

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Its AMAZING August !! July was a great one for us as our creative director got married!!! It was a truly African wedding and B&G was greatly represented!!! Let’s take you through the beautiful B&G wedding, enjoy the ride!!


DSC_0024 copyB&G pocketsquare Red-Grey design

The groom rocks our red mat pocket square design during their pre wedding session


DSC_0207 copyRed Monochrome design


Our red monochrome pocket square was on fleek!!!


The couple wearing our B&G aprons during their pre wedding shots


FFX_3267Pink Design

The groom rocks our pink design pocket square during their engagement.

IMG_2220Yellow Monochrome design

The groom men rocked our yellow monochrome pocket square and it was on fleck!!








The groom rocks a bespoke pocket square by B&G


The bridesmaids in our B&G robes, launching this August!!!


Pictures by @scgeorge1 and ffxweddings

It was truly a Belle & Grace wedding. We wish the new couple a belle and graceful one always!!!

Next week we will feature other African aspect of the wedding, we can’t wait!!

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