ColourMyAfrica features Temi!!!


Hope you are doing great? It was a great weekend as we celebrated our fathers!! Thanks to some clients that utilised our 10% off pocket squares for fathers day celebration, it runs till the end of this week.

This week we feature a brilliant and agile young lady – Temi.

Temi 2 Temi 1

Lets meet you:

My name is Temitope Olusola, most people call me Temi. I am currently concluding my service year (NYSC), during this year I served as a teacher. I’m passionate about helping teenagers become better versions of themselves hence the program I currently run; ‘the 360 degree individual’ dedicated to raising a well empowered generation who would improve the different sectors of this nation and positively impact the world. I’m also a part time photographer ; (Tidola Photography).

What makes you a proud African?

Our unique culture which is so rich, natural resources, art, music, the colour of my skin, how we are able to solve problems when we come together and also find the humour in a lot of situations. Africa is so blessed by God.

What’s your best city in Africa?


                                                                      Accra, Ghana

Who is your African Icon?

Wow! It’s difficult to select just one, i’ll have to go with Ty Bello 

Ty Bello

She is hardworking and has the ability to multitask while maintaining diligence in all of them. I admire her love and passion for her country and how she uses her talent for humanitarian work. She is a clear picture of who I want to be!

Describe your Africa in 10 years

My Africa in 10years would be a more developed Africa in terms of education, hospital facilities and employment, safe and peaceful for all.

How would you colour Africa and what does each colour represent?

I would colour my Africa, Purple, White and Green

Map (Purple, White & Green)

Purple for Sophistication, Wealth, and Power, White for Peace and Purity and Green for growth and fertility.

Which B&G product do you like the most and what makes it unique|?

I love the B&G Tops, they are so unique and beautifully made with the Ankara designs, I haven’t seen anything like them before. They can be worn for a casual event rocking your Jeans or even corporately as well with your pants and blazer.

B&G PeacockB&G Steps (2) B&G Colorful bows

Thank you.

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ColourMyAfrica features Mimi!!!

Hello!!! Hope the weekend was great? Did you get to watch any tv show during the weekend? On ColourMyAfrica, this week we feature a lovely young lady, TV host and presenter Mimi!!!Mimi (Green Apron) Fridge                                                                    Mimi using our B&G fruitful apron


Let’s meet you

My name is Omowunmi Onalaja; most people simply refer to me as Mimi. I’m a short lived HR consultant turned TV presenter/Host and Actress. I’m a happy go lucky girl (most of the time) who truly believes that life can be as colourful as a rainbow, if we just let it!


What makes you a proud African?

What makes me a proud African is my positive and hopeful outlook on life.I believe Africans are some of the happiest people on earth even in the face of seemingly unfavourable odds. I tell myself all the time “Keep Hope Alive Always“, and I believe we as Africans do this every single day.

What is your favourite city in Africa (you may not have visited it yet!)

Hmmm…it’s so hard to decide! I’ve recently been told about the city of Capetown in detail and it truly sounds awesome! Zanzibar definitely has to make my list as well; It’s a gorgeous location that can rival a lot of well known vacation destinations around the world. Though I haven’t been to these two places yet, pictures don’t lie. I can’t wait to visit! CapeTown (Beautiful)Zanzibar

CapeTown                                                                          Zanzibar


What is your favourite African TV show and why?

Another difficult choice! I’m a huge supporter of African television and 90% of my TV time is dedicated to homegrown entertainment. I apologize, but I can’t pick one. My best African TV shows will have to be the drama series “Before 30” and “Desperate Housewives”, as well as a bunch of shows on EbonylifeTV, particularly “ELNow”, “The Spot”, “Moments”, “EL Reports”, “VVIP Events” and a brand new game show called “Play2Win” which I happen to host 😀 I know I know, this is beginning to sound like an ad but I can’t help it

!   Mimi OnalajaMimi presentingMimi Presenting

Mimi at various presentation sessions

Describe your Africa in 10 years?

My Africa in 10 years is one where we all know and practice the true meaning of unity and oneness, an Africa with an enabling environment to foster development, one that is able to effectively utilize the material and intellectual resources that abound on the continent


How would you colour Africa and what do(es) the colour(s) represent?

I’d colour Africa pink in a heartbeat! It’s my favourite colour so it’s such an easy choice. Pink is bright and represents to me a world of ease! I’d also colour Africa Orange and Green; Orange because I see the colour and I think endless opportunities, and green because it’s such a symbol of hope, fertility and growth, everything I want for Africa Pink, Green & Orange (Mimi) Which B&G product(s) do you like the most & what makes it/ them unique?

The Aprons! It’s such a genius idea to make Ankara infused aprons in so many bright colors and patterns and I definitely saw them at B&G first! Mimi (B&G apron)Regards, Omowunmi ‘Mimi’ Onalaja

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ColourMyAfrica features Yelash!!

Hello!! Hope you had a beautiful weekend, this week we feature a special entrepreneur Oluwayemisi.

photo 1 photo 2

Oluwayemisi and her team wearing B&G apron

Lets meet you

I am Oluwayemisi Ladipo-Ajayi, a young lady with a passion for business. I own Yelashcakes and Confectionaries. It started out of love and passion for creating delicious baked goodies. We specialize in delicious cakes and cupcakes for every occasion which includes specialty cakes, birthday cakes, graduation cakes, christenings, and wedding cakes along with a number of scrumptious pastries and delicacies that are sure to WOW your taste buds. We bake with love and deliver with care.

What makes you a proud African?

My culture and my colour makes me a proud African.

What is your favorite city in Africa (you may not have visited it yet!)

Not visited yet but I would love to visit Tunis and Cape Town.

TunisCapeTown (Beautiful)

Tunis                                                                 Cape Town

Who is your African Icon? (Aside Nelson Mandela)


                                                                                 Mrs. Folorunso Alakija

Describe your Africa in 10 years?

My Africa in 10years is peaceful

How would you colour Africa?

ColourMyAfrica (Pink)

Pink represents sweetness and calmness. I will colour Africa pink because I see a calm and peaceful Africa, not just for me but for my generations to come.

Which B&G product(s) do you like the most & what makes it/ them unique?

I like the Apron. Its unique because of the infusion of the Ankara material. 


You may  follow Yelash cakes on Instagram @yelashcakes,

Facebook:Yelashcakes and Confectionaries


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