We launch our double sided pocket square with Femi Taiwo!!

Beautiful weekend!!

We hope you truly had a beautiful one, its a special weekend for us at B&G as we launch our new double sided pocket square!!! Now you can have two pocket squares in one!

In line with our launch we feature a great young man Femi Taiwo


photo 4-1 photo 5-1 photo 3-1


Introduce yourself (Let’s meet you)

Well, I am Femi Taiwo, majority of my friends and acquaintances call me F.T.  I like to think that the acronym F.T, which also means Facilitating Transformation, summarises who I am, what I do, and all I hope to do.

Hence, I facilitate the transformation of ideas to reality by working with entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and change makers on strategies to move their ventures and ideas to fruition. I also work to facilitate the transformation of individuals (teens and youths) into leaders and best version of themselves through the design and delivery of learning and development programs, and my speaking and coaching engagements.

I am a trained innovation manager, and presently the Executive Director of H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Excel) – a non-profit working to raise change agents for Africa.


What makes you a proud African?

What makes me a proud African are a special breed of Africans- those who have become their best, give their best, and are becoming their best for the benefit of Africa and Africans. I am extremely excited when I see entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and other individuals in any sector excel in their assignments and in character. Africa needs more good examples.

How would you colour Africa? List the colour(s) and what it/they represent?

Hmm! I will rather colour Africans than colour Africa. Anyway, I will use a lot of orange to depict vibrancy and innovativeness. A lot of green will go a long way to show fruitfulness and growth and light blue definitely to depict trust, calmness, peace and integrity.


photo 4


What is your best African brand/ business and why?

Tough one! I will go with House of Tara. It is innovative, socially responsible, an industry leader in Africa, excellently managed, and a truly African brand.

Tara-Fela-Durotoye HouseofTara 100-Voices-logo


Describe your desired Africa in 10 years?

I would love to see an Africa fulfilling its true potential. An African where poverty, disease, and corruption is scarce. But for this to be, we definitely need an Africa where all Africans locally and in diaspora are all working to build Africa every way they can.


Who is your most respected African business leader and why?

Tougher one! I think I will go with a duo- Tayo Aderinokun of blessed memories and Fola Adeola. As co-founders of GTBank, they were exceptional in all regards.  They literally built an ethical, extremely innovative, consistent, excellent, and profitable bank from scratch. In 2007, GTB became the first Nigerian bank to issue a Eurobond, and the first Nigerian company and African bank to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Furthermore, taking the true meaning of leadership into consideration, I admire the duo because of their diverse efforts to raise leaders through Fate Foundation, Day Waterman /college and other endeavours.


Tayo Adenirokun of GTB gtbank logo Fola Adeola



What is/are your best B&G product(s) and why?
While I am a lover of pocket squares and particularly the Belle and Grace’s two-sided pocket squares, I think my best B&G product are the neckpieces for ladies. Those neckpieces, when worn with a lovely gown, can make a guy get down on his knees and propose lol!


photo 1-1Neckpiece (Bellafricana ordered)  photo 2-1


From the B&G team: Congratulations to Nigeria on the successful transition to a new government and congratulations to Africans on the new African Development Bank President; Akinwunmi Adesina.

God bless Africa!!


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ColourMy Africa features Titilayo

Beautiful evening, we hope your weekend was awesome!! This week we feature a gracious lady! Enjoy the read.


Titilayo in B&G

My name is Titilayo Oke. I enjoy travelling to new places and encountering different cultures and  I am a lawyer☺

  • What makes you a proud African?

Its diverse culture, the enormous resources and the beauty of its landscape and scenery – it is nature in the most unadulterated form.

Also, the tenacity and resilience of the African people is admirable.

  • What is your favorite city in Africa 


CapeTown (Beautiful)


 Capetown – The mountains, the deep blue sea, the peace and calm of the city just does it for me.

  • Who is your African Icon? (Aside Nelson Mandela)


Desmond Tutu


                                                          Desmond Tutu

  • Describe your Africa in 10 years?

A more educated and enlightened Africa with an even  distribution (to the extent possible) of its wealth.

  • How would you color Africa?

Yellow & Orange –I love bright colours and how they bring things to life in a vibrant way. In colouring Africa, I will have splashes of these colours everywhere and watch how the entire continent radiates with joy and warmth. Whew! that would be something to look out for.

ColourMyAfrica (Yellow &Orange)


  • Which B&G product(s) do you like the most & what makes it/ them unique?

The neck piece – the combination of different colours and its versatility i.e. how it can be worn in different ways to achieve various looks.


Neckpiece (Bellafricana ordered)Titilayo in B&G



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Have a great week! Happy Democracy week Nigeria and fruitful meeting to the African Development Bank team.

ColourMyAfrica features Bade Aboderin

Beautiful day!

WOW!! Its midweek already.

Let’s reverse a little bit….. Trust you had a great weekend, ours was beautifully busy as most of it was spent equipping ourselves at Live your Dream Africa, it was a great one for us! Thumbs up to the team and impactful speakers!!





At Belle&Grace, promoting Africa’s beauty is our dream and we hope to always live it!!

This week on ColourMyAfrica, we will be featuring a beautiful client Bade.

I am Oyebade Aboderin, a firm believer in Jesus Christ and a follower of His teachings. I love to learn about my culture and other cultures. At the moment I am studying on the South Korean culture and learning their language,  this has also encouraged me to study the Chinese and Japanese cultures as well.


What makes you a proud African?

I believe God has blessed the continent  with so much… ranging from natural resources,  lovely weather, great landscape,  intelligent people and most especially God-fearing people.  I am so proud of these and I believe the world at large knows this truth.


What is your favourite city in Africa?

Hmm,  never really gave that a thought but I would choose Zanzibar,  Tanzania.



Describe your Africa in 10 years?

I would love to see Africa as a place with great tourist centers, higher standard of living across the continent not just a minority,  better and more hospitals that are easily accessible.

How would you colour Africa?

Green for our great landscapes, White for peace and  Gold for our untapped resources and   opportunities

ColourMyAfrica (Green, White & Gold)

Which B&G product do you like the most & what makes it unique?

The neckpieces are really unique and lovely. Unlike any others I have seen.


IMG_0087 Bade2 IMG_0099


P.S: Are you wondering who the next president of African Development Bank (ADB) will be??        Well whoever gets the role, there is a lot of work to be done!!


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Our African Start-UP lessons!

Hello! Trust you had a great weekend!

This week we  will simply be sharing some lessons learnt within the three years of our existence, a wise person once said experience is the best teacher and a wiser person said other peoples experience is a less expensive way to learn, so we hope you learn from this.

Lets use the 5 Ps, its not the regular 5Ps of marketing, but 5Ps of business management learnt by B&G thus far.

Partnerships: There are many partnership opportunities and enormous benefits in businesses synergizing. At B&G,  we are learning to work with other organisations who have similar visions as our organisation. Earlier we partnered with one towards an exhibition hence paid half the price of the exhibition space, talk about cost savings! Just recently we partnered with Bellafricana ( a market place for afrocentric products)  and now stock our products on their site. We encourage you to look for good opportunities in partnerships 

B&G partners with Bellafricana

Power of Social Media: Advertisement has never been so cheap with the rise of various social media platforms; facebook, twitter, instagram, linked in,  BB messenger amongst many others. It is a medium to reach thousands without paying a single dime (or little if you want to reach more ) hence marketing cost can be close to zero. A start-up may not be able to afford a website but certainly has no reason not to be on social media platforms especially when the founders are there. B&G has connected with people across the globe using our social media platforms. So what are you waiting for, open yours now and grow it!

Instagram Page Profile


                                                               Our beautiful instagram page @belleandgraceafrica

Pleasure in listening to clients: YES, pleasure not pain in listening to clients, we must be ready to listen to the complaints and suggestions of our clients.  We remember a particular client that wanted the design in a certain way, yes we were stressed or should we say stretched” but guess what? Her design became a most sought after design for us. Starts ups like mine and yours must take pleasure in learning from our clients.

Priority on local resources: Most times, we want to source all materials abroad, but pause and check your local environment. I remember when we needed to brand our products with B&G labels, we were researching on companies in China that we could get it from. Guess what? We got it from a printing press that was in my friends house in Ebute Metta, Lagos and our boxes too are made in Nigeria. Many times, we miss out on the local resources while focusing on the same quality exported ones.

B&G boxes and label (MadeinNigeria)

Persistence: So honestly when I started this I wasn’t sure what the last P will be, but its PERSISTENCE. How important is Persistence for us? Extremely important!!! because growing a business is a long process which definitely requires patience and consistency. We can’t afford to give up on our business, YES we are allowed to fail but NEVER allowed to stay down! At B&G, we had a product that may be termed a failure but this is B&G with more products now. Don’t ever give up!

Thank you for reading, this is perhaps one of our longest blog posts, we hope you learnt from it!!

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Belle&Grace partners with Bellafricana

Beautiful new month!!

Last week was great for us as we celebrated our third anniversary!!! B&G is growing gracefully!!!!

In the growth process, we recognise the need to partner with other afrocentric(African focused) organisations and Bellafricana is an ideal choice!



B&G partners with Bellafricana



So who is Bellafricana?

Bellafricana is a marketplace for Afrocentric  and handmade products. Bellafricana promotes local content by expressing the beauty of Africa in various products and by promoting local artisans, creatives and talents.It was founded by Bukky Bello, an African textile and product expert.

We met with Bukky Bello and YES she is a very passionate and lovely lady!!!


Bukky and Esther (Bellafricana and B&G


We look forward to a fruitful partnership with the Bellafricana team!!!

Please read our exclusive interview on Bellafricana:


Check out our store on Bellafricana too:





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