#ColourMyAfrica features Steve Harris

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Last week was awesome for us, as we prepared for the launch of our first male product, the B&G pocket square!!!! In light of this we are featuring our first male client on the blog. He is a mentor and a great believer of our vision!!

Let’s meet Steve Harris

SteveHarris 2


“I’m Steve Harris, a Life & Business Strategist, Management Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Author. I’m married to my ‘forever fiancée’,Imma and together, we have a beautiful daughter.”


What makes you a proud African?

I’m proud to be African, because we are the epitome of the spirit of enterprise, we’re hard working and we never back down.


How would you colour Africa?

I think my Africa would be green, representing the fertility and productivity of the continent and blue, representing peace

Colour me blue n green



Describe your Africa in 10 years?

The most productive continent, a global standard for values, education, enterprise and governance


What is your best African brand?


                                                         They operate with integrity and global excellence


Who is your most respected African business leader ?



Mo Ibrahim, he’s used his business to determine and influence governance and leadership standards in Africa

Where does fashion meet business and how do they complement each other?

People buy into you before they buy into your business. Fashion makes the buying process easier


How much do you love our new pocket square? 

It’s awesome! Way to go! I totally recommend it

SteveHarris (B&G Pocket Square)

B&G Red Monochrome design

Check for our pocket square designs: http://belleandgrace.com/products.php?pid=5 and make your orders now.

Thank you.

Join us next week as we feature another passionate client.

We believe in ONE Africa hence condemn the Xenophobic attack in South Africa,  a peaceful South Africa we see this new week!!

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2 thoughts on “#ColourMyAfrica features Steve Harris

  • April 19, 2015 at 9:33 pm

    Lyk seriously u guys are d boom…I luv d pocket square,its one of its kind…kudos 2u@belle n grace…more ideas n more grace to ur elbow…

    • April 20, 2015 at 5:49 am

      Thank you Tobi for reading the article and for loving the pocket square. We truly appreciate you and say amen to your prayer! Have a belle & graceful week! Cheers. Esther for the B&G team.


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