#ColourMyAfrica features Motunrayo

Welcome to our weekly edition of #ColourMyAfrica, its the final one for the month of March!!

This week we will be meeting a wonderful client, Motunrayo.

A lover of beautiful but yet simple fashion style. She really loves our African fabrics (especially the ones worn in Nigeria) and would wear it anywhere in the world. She says “I’m married to the most handsome man in the world with two lovely girls”.


#ColourMyAfrica Tunrayo


What makes you a proud African?

Being part of a continent that is  beautiful and rich in culture and with great potentials!!! God deposited rich resources in our continent because we are special to Him.

What is your favourite city in Africa?



                                               Windhoek, Namibia.

Who is your African icon?


Pastor E.A. Adeboye

                                            Pastor E.A. Adeboye. I like his humility.


Describe your Africa in 10 years

My Africa in 10 years would be full of mega cities free of terrorism, racism, hatred and corruption.

How would you Colour Africa?

I would colour my Africa pink and blue. I love the feminism in pink and blue symbolizes royalty and service to God and godly living (Esther 8:15).

ColourMyAfrica (blue and pink)


What is your best Belle&Grace product?

I love the Belle&Grace apron because they are beautiful and different from other aprons. They have got the African touch and I like cooking African dishes…




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Picture sources

Windheok: www.telegraph.co.uk

Pastor E.A Adeboye: Google images


#ColourMyAfrica features Nkechi

Welcome to this week’s edition of #ColourMyAfrica,

This week we are featuring  our lovely client Nkechi, she colours Africa SYLISHLY.

Nkechi is a lifestyle blogger, marketing communication’s strategist and romantic at heart. When she’s not working, she reads all sorts of novels, watches TV series or movies and day dreams of travelling around the world in 60 days.

Enjoy your read!!




What makes you a proud African?

Our style, fashion, music, language (even if I speak just one! Lol), passion and resilience!

What is your favorite city in Africa?


Lagos Nigeria

Lagos – Nigeria

Who are your African Icons? (Aside Nelson Mandela)

ChimamandaChinua Achebe

Chimamanda Adiche                                                                 Chinua Achebe


Describe your Africa in 10 years?

The continent the world would want to be a part of!!!


How would you colour Africa?

ColourMyAfrica (Red&Orange)

Red for Bold & Fearless & Orange for Creative.


As a customer of B&G, which  product(s) do you like the most?



ColourmyAfrica neckpiece. I love the versatility of the piece! It can be paired with any look you can think of; corporate, casual, night-out or church girl! *winks*


Join us next week as we feature another passionate African

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Check Nkechi’s blog: http://www.houseofbombini.com

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Picture Source –  Lagos Nigeria: NewYorker

#ColourMyAfrica features Olanike

Meet Olanike,  a customer of Belle and Grace and one of our awesome models. She is just about to colour Africa BEAUTIFUL. Enjoy the read!



Olanike: I am a proud African young lady with a passion for engineering, management and culinary adventures (when I have the time to experiment)

What makes you a proud African?

The level of intelligence and creativity African youths exude makes me proud to be an African. Given equal opportunities with others and under similar circumstances, African youths are more likely to excel.



Best city in Africa?

Zanzibar, the beauty of the ocean and beach sides of the

beautiful Tanzanian city make me in awe.










African Role Model?

Mo Abudu

Mo Abudu – Founder of Ebony Life TV.

I love her passion and zeal to make her dreams become reality!







Describe your Africa in 10 years?

  • A peaceful Africa with leaders that harness her resources.
  • Africa that is the pride of the world.
  • Africa that is free of war and poverty.
  • Africa with the world’s leading economies.
  • Africa that exports more goods than it imports.


How would you Colour Africa?

I would colour Africa SKY BLUE, like the sky and beautiful ocean, giving a sense of peace, tranquillity and security.


What is your favourite Belle&Grace product?

GOWNTOP!I love the gown tops, the fact that it is loose and still looks gorgeous.

Most importantly I love the pockets, (I get to go out without having to

carry a purse and still keep my phone and cash out of my hands)








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Join us next week as we feature another passionate African

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Welcome to our ColourMy Africa Blog!!!!

I am Toluwase Esther, the creative director of Belle&Grace, a management consultant and a passionate African. I totally believe in the future of the African continent and am working towards making it COLOURFUL.

IMG_0227B&G Peacock


What is #ColourMyAfrica about?
I love colours naturally, which most of us do. The #ColourMyAfrica started with a deep desire to promote Africa’s hidden beauty. It is easy to remember the wars and famine in the continent yet forget the awesomely colorful part of it.
At Belle & Grace, we choose to bring out the beauty in Africa, a GREAT continent!





What to expect?

Every  Sunday we will feature one of our clients, who will colour Africa in an insightful session. You will appreciate Africa’s beauty in each piece and you can join us to colour Africa too!


Titilayo in B&GDSC_3513A


Why Join us?

  • Share your personal experience about Africa and its diverse culture
  • An opportunity to learn more about Africa and its culture
  • Get to know about Belle&Grace’s Products
  • Seasonal Belle&Grace gifts available to you.
  • No other person would promote our continent if we don’t!!
You don’t want to miss this
So much beauty in just one continent!
Watch this space #ColourMyAfrica #BeautifulAfrica


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